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Janitorial Services, Fire Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Assessment, Mold Remediation, Hoarder Property Cleanup, and Crime & Trauma Cleanup in Miami County and Broward.

With over 25 years of experience in Janitorial, Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services, Mold Assessment and Remediation, Hoarder Property Cleanup, and Trauma & Crime Cleanup in Italy.

Since 2015 we bring to Miami the same quality, professionalism, and standard of cleanliness as our European unit.

For your peace of mind, we are State Licensed, Certified, Insured, and BBB A+ Rated Business, we are also proud to be part of Cleaning for a Reason.

We provide professional services for commercial buildings, private homes, villas, and apartments, as well as restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, and industrial buildings.

For our most refined customers, we have created two service categories in addition to our regular service: VIP Service, and our prestigious White Glove service.

Book with Confidence, Call Sir Clean!!!

Complimentary AIR QUALITY TEST included in all Janitorial Services*



Sir Clean will offer only Professional Janitorial Services, from Commercial to Residential, and from Industrial to Construction site, you will always get the Best Service!

We don`t Subcontract the job or use any Intermediary Company, but we offer Direct Services so that we can keep the Prices Low and the Quality High by having direct control of the job, we are available 24/7 and we are always here to help you in case you need!

Our Sir Clean Professional Cleaning Services are completely customizable. You choose which type of service you prefer to have: COMMERCIAL, REGULAR, DEEP, AFTER RENOVATION, and many more, then you choose the frequency: DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY OR ONE TIME and we do the rest for you! Our experts are available to organize the best schedules and services to fit your needs.

Sapphire Upholstery CleaningLux Carpet Cleaning




Did you know that carpets and mattresses are hiding places for millions of mites, bacteria, and germs?

We offer qualified personnel and high-quality equipment to make your carpet, rug, sofa, and mattress as good as new.

We will remove all the spots, organic stains, and pet urine, and protect them with 3M™ Scotchgard. Then, we will sanitize your mattress and sofa with UV-C + chemical sanitizers, making them like new – fresh, and free of bacteria, viruses, and germs!



We provide this cleaning service to get your home, office or restaurant sparkling clean after any type of remodeling or pest-control treatments.

Contact us for a free inspection, we will provide the service that will make your home or commercial shine again!


We provide professional cleaning services for restaurants, hotels and hospitals. We will make your restaurant kitchen as good as new, respecting all health and food contamination rules and using special products made just for use in commercial kitchens.


We will make your Workplace better with our Special Cleaning Service for offices. Don't worry about your work schedule we will make your workplace clean whenever you finish work...


Let us make your house bright and beautiful. We will provide special cleaning services for your balconies, windows, fixtures, doors, railings, outdoor furniture, gardens, and patios.

We provide special window cleanings after a renovation for interior and exterior cleaning!


Have you just moved, and do you want to make sure your home is truly free of Viruses and Bacteria?

Do you need to eliminate the bad odors from the basement, garage, or your store, or you need to eliminate pets or cigarette bad smell from your home?

Sir Clean now provides new Ultra Low Volume "ULV" Fogging and Electrostatic Spray Services!

Those services will guarantee in one case the complete Sanitization, and also the Neutralization of any odors from any residential and commercial areas.

We provide Botanical Sanitation by using a 100% Botanical Disinfectants EPA registered, as well a Hospital Grade Disinfectants, we also offer a new Odor Eliminator service that uses Essential Oils making it 100% safe for human and pets, and will not harm fabric, rubber, or electrical components, this service will eliminate malodor caused by smoke, humidity, food, and biological odors, among others.

We don’t cover up the odors – we truly eliminate them!


We will make your celebration even more beautiful, by taking care of the cleaning before and after the party. You just have fun … we’ll take care of the rest!


Cleaning for moving in/out: regular, intensive, or choose your VIP Service which includes custom services for your new Guests…

Service Options

REGULAR: Clean inside bathroom and kitchen drawers and cabinets, as well as closets and bedrooms.
INTENSIVE: Regular, plus clean inside refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers.
VIP: Intensive, plus laundry and linen services, and we provide a welcome kit for guests.





We will provide professional and reliable handyman and maintenance services to keep your home, condo, office, or commercial space in perfect condition. Our Professional Handyman Service, from Assembly Furniture to Handing your TV. Call with confidence, we are here to help you...

We offer: Furniture Mounting, General Handyman, TV Mounting, Shelves Mounting, Kitchen Disposal Repair, Bed, and IKEA Assembly Service


Don’t worry about your bad conditions Stainless Steel Sink, Fridge, or your Shower Glass Door!

We will make your Home shining as never before, every sink can be Polished, any Hard Water Stains in your Door`s Shower can be Removed, and any Fridge can be Polished and have a new life... let us do it for you!

Professional Pressure Cleaning by Sir CleanSir Clean Floor Deep Cleaning



Sir Clean will provide Professional Pressure Wash Service, from Commercial Sidewalks & Parking Lot to your Home Patio and Driveway!
We will take care also of your indoor Floors with a Professional Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning and Sealing Service, we can also help you restore your Wood Floor by removing old wax and applying a new Poly Sealer "way more resistant than your current wax"!
We can serve Commercial and Residential.

Special Gum Removal Service Available!

*upon request - Tests Include: AQI + PM2.5 + HCHO + Radon Gas

We Have Proudly Performed Over

5 Stars hours of Service!
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Laura Paredes
Laura Paredes
November 17, 2022.
Sir Clean is the most professional and effective clean company I have worked with. They are very punctual, diligent and careful. Their services are excellent and they really cared about their customers satisfaction. Their personnel was very respectful and honest. I will definitely continue working with them in the future.
Marisela Bracho
Marisela Bracho
November 15, 2022.
100% recommended. For small cleanups or big messes, they always get the job done right.
Anasofia Cedeno
Anasofia Cedeno
November 10, 2022.
We hired Sir Clean to clean our facility and the crew was professional and well equipped...
Brayan Gomez
Brayan Gomez
November 8, 2